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Total Solar Energy Blocking Ratio 66% 55% 46% 50%
Visible Light Penetration Ratio 42% 47% 43% 17%
Visible Light Internal Reflectance Ratio 5% 6% 6% 8%
UV Blocking Ratio 99%
IR Blocking Ratio 95% 95% 74% 60%
Color Soft purple / emerald blue
(location of color varies depending on the angle of view)
Elegant silhouette blue Sophisticated midnight blue Stylish dark blue
Price for the front window (Windshield)
(based on passenger capacity)
750,000 KRW 500,000 KRW 330,000 KRW Disabled
Price for side/rear window
(based on passenger capacity)
1,300,000 KRW 900,000 KRW 550,000 KRW 330,000 KRW
Main installation areas Front (windshield), side/rear window, sunroof Front, sunroof Front, sunroof Side/rear window, sunroof
Metal components: Y/N No metal components (0%) Small amount of metal components
Radio wave interference: Y/N No radio wave interference (0%) Slight radio wave interference
Parking tag, remote control and/or radio interference: Y/N No failures/interferences Could cause slight radio wave interference
Navigation interference: Y/N No interference with the latest navigation system
(navigation equipped with higher than sub-chip level 3 marketed after 2010, recommended)
No interference in all models No interference in all models N/A
RF-type hi-pass interference: Y/N No failures/interferences N/A
Precautions on vehicles equipped with IR-type hi-pass device The infrared blocking characteristics of the film may cause problems with the operation of the hi-pass infrared sensor. We will advise you on the proper location for installation such as behind the room mirror. Can be mounted on all models N/A
Moire Phenomenon

(ripple patterns produced in some tunnels)
  • Tunnels with white metal lighting: no Moire phenomenon
  • Some old tunnels with yellow sodium lighting: occurrence of Moire phenomenon
No Moire phenomenon N/A
Warranty Period Lifetime Warranty 10-year warranty 7-year warranty