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To drive safely and quickly and not feel any discomfort or fatigue…
We want assurance of clear vision and comfort in all weather conditions and have a car that’s so beautiful that no one can take eyes off of it.
PEB film, consisting of hundreds of nano-molecular layers, reflects visible light including the infrared light range. The average metal films reflect solar energy in the vertical direction, where as the MIRROLUX technology applied on PEB selectively reflects the specific ranges of wavelength in the solar spectrum in two opposite directions. The optical filter of PEB, which does not contain any metal substances, works based on the principle of reflecting ? not absorbing ? the unwanted IR wavelengths and this is the world’s first PEB MIRROLUX technology that doesn’t heat glass like the other general filters that absorb most of the wavelengths.
Anyone who takes one look at vehicles with PEB installation is bound to say,
“What color is that? I’ve never seen it before,” “It’s beautiful,” “It’s amazing,” “I’ve never seen a window tinting film like this before.”
The dichroic filter with hundreds of layers applied on PEB produces varying colors depending on the angle of the view, just as how oil on water has a colorful appearance. Diverse colors are produced by reducing a certain wavelength of light and enhancing the long path of a certain wavelength of light. This is the principle behind the differences in color of the GLASSTINT PEB film that can be observed at different angles.

The different colors appear natural and intensified and it’s difficult to distinguish the boundaries between different colors. Also, the location of the color will change if the onlooker looks at the window while moving or the car itself is moving.
All films for glass tinting are monotonous in color (black or green, etc.), whereas the PEB films used by GLASS TINT change in color from purple to emerald and blue depending on the angle at which it is viewed.
GLASSTINT PEB film is a new type of film that has been branded and commercialized for the first time in the world. Although we had to endure long and difficult development and fielding testing production processes, we are now happy to announce the official launch of the GLASSTINT PEB film. If you deeply care about your car and like to invest in yourself, then visit any of the GLASSTINT branches to find out more about PEB!
Isn’t spending money on PEB “over-spending?”
I do not wish to generalize but most women these days tend to have a handbag from a luxury brand. If I remember correctly, the price range of LO*IS V*ITT*N bags is in between 3 and 10 million won, and most people talk about the social phenomena of the ‘rise in social status’, ‘self-satisfaction’ and ‘investment in self’ as the reasons for such purchases.
I personally believe that men should also invest towards their personal interests and for their own self-satisfaction. Why do men have to work so hard to earn money and be frugal when it comes to investing in themselves? The modern urban life makes it difficult for men to have our own personal time and space and the only place that actually provides a completely private space for us is our cars. Investing in PEB film that looks amazing and is valuable in a sense that it can differentiate you from others is not “over-spending.” It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. The reason we earn money is to use it, and in my opinion, the cost of PEB installation, which provides a more pleasant driving experience in addition to its spectacular look, is definitely worth it.